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Little Ville – Fun While Learning

A child is a mixture of excitement, energy, fun and inquisitiveness. With every step a child seeks to unravel the numerous mysteries that surround its innocent world. Every innocent question has a thought behind it. The curious little mind of the child is like a clean slate that is ready to absorb the answers.

Little Ville brings to a child the world of knowledge in a fun-filled manner. We kindle a child’s desire to learn and present the environment where a child can climb the steps of knowledge with enthusiasm. With more than 30 years of collective experience in the field of child education and K 12 Education, we thoughtfully conceptualized this futuristic Preschool. Little Ville is the outcome of extensive research that explored various curriculums and accumulated their best aspects to present to the kids with a unique world of fun and learning.

Every child is unique and we take care to recognize the ability of each child so that they can unleash their full potential. The approach followed at Little Ville is aimed towards the overall development of the child through interactive and interesting ways. We groom the little wonders to think, imagine, explore, experience and learn to take sure steps towards a bright future.


Little Ville stands committed towards providing the best of early childhood experience. Our objectives include

  • To stimulate the young minds to notice, recognize, enquire and seek answer for every small and big thing that captures their attention.
  • To guide and share the pleasure of young kids on their journey of self-discovery.
  • To protect and educate the kids in a safe and happy environment
  • To develop a relationship between home and school by encouraging parents to be actively involved in the child’s activities beyond school

  • To build a foundation for learning by proving opportunities to explore and discover the world around them in an interactive and activity-based environment .

  • To foster all-round development of young minds by nurturing their potential and helping them build their confidence and self-esteem .

  • To create a welcoming world where parents, kids and facilitators can come together to collaborate and contribute towards the kids’ bright future in all respects.

  • To be the most reliable name in early childhood education based on our innovative and research-based approach towards imparting knowledge to the young kids.

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Little Ville – Fun While Learning

A pre-school is a second home for a child. Our approach is to provide a supportive and thoughtfully prepared learning environment where a child’s personality can develop through age appropriate activities that make learning an attractive part of their daily life

The approach followed at Little Ville is the result of extensive research that explored prominent global approaches followed for child education. Our experts formulated a simple, interesting, enriching and relevant curriculum that will lay a strong foundation of the academic life of the child.

Our curriculum has incorporated the best aspects of the following approaches:

  • Multiple Intelligence approach by Howard Gardner:- All children
    have different proclivities in the eight intelligences according to MI theory, Because of these individual differences among children, facilitators are best trained to use a broad range of facilitating strategies .
  • Montessori approach by Maria Montessori:- The philosophical tenet behind the Montessori method is that children each have their own internal guidance for self-directed development. The teacher acts as a guide, watching over the classroom to remove obstacles from learning
  • Reggio Emilia approach:- Children from birth are full of potential and capabilities and it is our responsibility to develop that potential. Accroding to the approach facilitators , parents gets in on the process of educating and nurturing the little ones. As a result the community bonds and involvement in the education of young children are exceptionally strong .


Little Ville – Fun While Learning

The skills and attitude of the Facilitators play a vital role in delivery of curriculum, It is mandatory at Little Ville for the Facilitators to undergo an intense training program through a series of workshops, role plays, Audio Video Clips, stimulation and games.

Little Ville Curriculum is presented with a range of learning themes, each having their unique learning objectives and outcomes with Facilitators guidelines for assessment. Each theme is designed to ensure that the level of learning exceeds foundation requirements and ensures a Smooth transition.

Our training sessions are aimed at strengthening facilitators with appropriate strategies to monitor child’s development with relevant reports and tools for meaningful assessment.Apart from effective training, periodical updates are sent to Facilitators on the Development of Early Childhood Education through the administrator.




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