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Developing the child – Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally & Spiritually
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Life is celebration-being joyful every moment. Preparing every child to be high achievers in outer world and sure winners in inner world. We prepare a child for their livelihood (the outcome of academic education) and equally emphasizing on soul satisfying arts (music, dance, drawing etc.) which prepare for handling any situation of life (Stress handling abilities leading to internal peace) together makes every moment of life a celebration.

Sun Kids is a reputed Montessori, Preschool & Nursery School in Bangalore (Bengaluru). For people from bangalore Sunkids a reputed & professionally managed Upper Kindergarten, Lower Kindergarten, play school & Nursery school - a part of SunKaras Gurukulam

Sun Kids Play School & Nursery
Sun Kids Focus

Sequentially- Character, Health and Knowledge.

One has to be humble and should have a relaxed mind if he desires to acquire knowledge. When there is harmony between the mind, heart and resolution then nothing is impossible-Rig Veda.

Humbleness is the byproduct of good character, A relaxed mind resides in relaxed body is a byproduct of good health, both makes the base for desire to acquire knowledge. The synchronization of the above three attributes makes every moment of life a celebration

"The Gurukulam timings are from
9.30am to 12.30PM "

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