Field Service Mobility Platform

Uncomplicate Sales


For foot-on-street sales teams

Accelerate Services


For Aftermarket and On-demand Services

Flexible Last Mile


For E-commerce, Logistics & Hyper-Local Delivery
Smart Location

Add real time location intelligence to you field operations enabling teams to plan, schedule, collaborate and serve your customer even better.

Customizable Workflows

Use in built industry standard field scenarios for operations on field. Roll out new workflows and forms on the fly. Field Mobility was never this easy.

Easy Integration

With easy to use JSON or webservice APIs connect your backend systems in double quick time. Enable access to dasboards and reports to field executive.

Smart Task List

Equip your field worker to visualize route at the start of the day and plan visits ahead of time.

Proof of completion

Complete field tasks on the go, collect data and obtain customer signatures at their doorstep. Eliminate time consuming and expensive data entry operations.

Real time Notifications

Keep your customer informed with intelligent triggers that are based on the field executives actions.

Multimedia Capture

Capture photos and audio during the field activity.Enable a richer data for analysis and compliance.

Inventory & Spares

View, Request and Update spare part requests directly through mEdge while on site or on the go.


Start collecting credit card or cash with in built support for mPOS devices.


Integrated with Bluetooth printers to provide customized proof of completion reciepts.

Operation Insight

The platform is equipped with dashboards and simple visualization tools for everyday operations. In-depth reports provide data to asses effciency and build best-in-class.


Secure activation for authenticated access. Our remote data wipe techlonogy assures tension free operations in case of loss/theft of phones or change in users.


mEdge - Smart Operations

Field force operations can no longer be defined by merely scheduling a visit, it requires you to identify ways to leverage the visit into a value-add experience.

The savvy customer expects to have real-time visibility, time of arrival and ultimately when the job will be completed.

With Vitamaps mEdge Service mobility platform, your mobile worker can access pertinent information while on the go, capture customer or equipment information and make it available to other functions.

How it works

Step 1 : Install mEdge, Connect Backend and Push Field Jobs.

Step 2 : FE receives the plan, visits customer, closes the job and updates real time.

Step 3 : Coordiantor montiors progress, Analyzes and identifies improvement.

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The Team

Guru Anand KC CEO, Director.

Prasad Nagalapura COO, Director.

Bulletin Board

From Google I/O 2015: whats in store with Android M & more.

Google I/O 2015 is over and its time to look back (or forward..). One of the most exciting updates for us for sure is the "Android M" with launch expected in Q3 of 2015. Features like native support for fingerprint sensors, better app-to-app communication, offline access to maps and new power management features can disrupt the way apps are built and consumed.

What’s New in April 2015.

First off the shelf is Support for Sales force mobility. mEdge now supports workflows and data to ensure your Sales team gets real time access to customer insights, collect orders, payments and goals on the go. This rounds off our standard offerings for Service and Delivery needs. Thats not all, use our powerful customization option to ensure the workflows & data fits just right to your business process and start mobilizing your field force.

Vitamap : Empowering Field Force with mobility

Regardless of the industry, field workers have to confront many challenges at the job site. Workers on field lack access to data networks in the office. In addition, lack of access to technical resources, customer data, stock availability and route scheduling create gaps between the business opportunities and the customers. Field operations carry high stakes in critical operations such as break-fixes and alarm management. Also, critical customer touch points such as delivery, sales, preventive maintenance, and site inspections are areas that can prove to be costly errors that impact business.

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About Us

Vitamap is an emerging enterprise mobility business with a sharp focus on field force mobility. We create products from the ground up for businesses that rely on mobile employees. Our quest leads to a state of transformation with perfect information in real-time.

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